Stop taking everything so seriously, my god the world isn’t made of egg shells and broken glass.
You’re allowed to stain your cheeks, you’re allowed to break your bones, you’re allowed to bleed.
Stay out past curfew, don’t go to sleep until after sunrise, you can fall asleep in math class every once in a while.
No one cares that you have 800 friends on Facebook, no one cares that you have 8, make 800 friends in the real world, make 8, just make 1. You’re going to lose friends in the real world, maybe not 800, probably 8, if you’re lucky just 1.
School is going to make you want to cry and it will make you actually sob but it’s school and in a year no one is going to remember those couple of equations that drove you to tears.
Your heart is going to break and you won’t be able to feel air in your lungs and the beating in your chest, but time is going to be your stitches and your bandaids, and after a while you won’t see him in every 6’ tall strawberry blonde teenage boy in the street and you won’t hear his songs in your head at 3 AM.
You’re going to hurt, I said you’re going to bleed but my god, you’re going to bleed. Maybe not in crimson leaking from wounds on your skin, but in crumpled up words and truths that grew twisted.
You’re going to sink to the bottom of your world where ladders and stairs can’t seem to lift you out, but the thing about the bottom is the only place to go from there is up.
Maybe there will be doctors and therapists and god forbid hospitals, but there is also going to be concerts and movies in the park and looking up at the stars with strangers.
You’re not going to be in High School forever, one day when you’re 85 you’re going to look back and wish you’d let yourself stain your cheeks with mascara, broke your bones at 3 AM, you’re going to wish you’d let yourself bleed.

~   heres to hoping these are all true (via deterioratiion)

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